Sound of Monte-Carlo

Instrumental Deep House, Monaco

The project all started when the two high school friends Thomas van Klaveren (TVK) and Edmond Eisenberg combined their musical talents. A project characterized by the association of numerous instruments (sampler, synthetizer, Guilar, violon) including singing all performed by Edmond, with the deepest and finest electronic sound selected by TVK.

An alchemy stressed by the contrast between more classical approach and electronic music brought by the two artists.

Now world wide renowned for its deep and joyful Sound of Monte-Carlo’s Symphony mixed by TVK, it placed them as one of most favorite deep house artist of the moment. With over 8 years experience, Sound of Monte-Carlo has had a tremendous and mounting success, performing at prestigious venues such as Sea Lounge Monte-Carlo, Vendôme (London), Kensington Rood Gardens (London), High Club (Nice), Papagayo (St. Tropez), ByPass (Geneva), Supperclub (Amsterdam), L’Arc (Paris), Monaco International Clubbing Show, The Club (Milano), Sunset Monaco and many more.

Proposing either a DJ set or Live set, the Sound of Monte-Carlo constantly innovate their music and special acts to the delight of its audience. Now working on its own production, the Sound of Monte-Carlo is definitely to be followed closely.

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