Alessio Alex Donati

Drums, Italy

Alessio Alex Donati is an italian musician, born in the August ’78 near Milan, at the age of 10 began his love story with the rhythm and with all its forms and facets, playing for 15 years in bands of rock, funky, blues, reggae, afro, samba, Maghreb music enriching and expanding his musical vision capable so to adapt to any situation and kind, passion that he has transformed, during the years, in his profession; since 2003 playing in the clubs and events especially in Milan and Lombardy, but his experiences touch all Italy and also abroad ( Germany, Montecarlo, Swiss, Cyprus, London, Spain, Bulgaria, Mykonos, Tunisia, Baku in Azerbaijan ) and very often in Egypt at Cairo and at the Red Sea.


Regular performer (2008-2012) of the Supalova of Joe T Vannelli Dj ( Area V, Canniccia, Shu, Tsunami, Tocqueville and others), resident at Fidelio Milan since 8 years,  he has played for HedKandi in Italy, Cirque le Soir London, Rouge Carrousel , for the UEFA during the finals of Champions League in Milan and of Europa League in Turin, at Elektra Events Hall in Baku for the Chess Olympiad , for the Philip Morris in Tunisia, fashion events ( Mangano, Hamaki-Ho, Pitti Fashion) and since summer 2015 he’s collaborating with Million Records. This are some places where he worked and still works often: The Club Milan, Gattopardo Milan, Seven Lugano, Just Cavalli, Villa Papeete, Fellini, Molto, Celebrità, Gilda, Charleston, Shed, Zero, In Diga, La Villa, Noir, The Beach, Setai, Magriffe, Donoma, Pelledoca, Sio Cafè, De Sade, La Suerte, Mama’s Soverato, Max Max, Numa Bologna, Life Montecarlo , in Sardinia at Billionaire, Phi Beach and Ritual, for Bacanal Cyprus as regular performer at Breeze, State, Nozomi, La Isla, Jumeirah at Mykonos but there are many and many others. In addition to the clubs (commercial, reggaeton, deep, house) he also plays in bands doing shows of samba, his great passion, african music and belly dancing


The wide range of instruments including acoustic and electronic sets so that he can play and satisfy any situation and need, on live stage or ( with his radiomicrophone) around the local ( cube, bar or IN AIR ): congas, timbales, Maghreb darbuke, repinique and different kind of brazilian percussions, djambè ( artisanal and the fabulous synthetic Remo), the full electronic V-Drum and the Roland Octapad.


Probably he’s the only percussionist flying able to play in the air as at Gattopardo Milan (see photos attached) and where there is the possibility of a winch; inclined to make a show that interacts with the public and not merely a musical performance , during the shows he love dress in theme of the event or with its uniforms circus and shaman custom.

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